Puppy Was About To Be Euthanized But Showed That He Wanted To Live

Eve was born on the streets, and in the first few weeks of her existence, she had the misfortune of losing her mother. Even worse, she was struck by a car. Despite the fact that the little cub was set to be put to death because of his injuries, she demonstrated her determination to life.

Her pelvis, hip, and one of her legs were broken in the accident, which “pulverized” her bones. The saddest part is that no one was there to assist her. As a result, Eve suffered in silence and misery for days.

Eve was eventually located by Douglas County, Georgia Animal Control, who were unsure of what would happen to her. Basically, animal control decided to put the dog to death.

The veterinarian phoned Jason and described the pup’s predicament. He said, “I have this cute little puppy here. He is beyond our ability to help, though.

Although the initial course of therapy would be costly and challenging, Jason didn’t think twice. Dr. Clay Leathers of New Hope Animal Hospital was there when he took Eve to the usual veterinarian.

Eve’s treatment costs were estimated to be around $7,000 once she arrived at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners facility, which was assessed by the doctor.

After a month, Eve went back to the hospital and only needed a $2,100 metal plate to be inserted above her paw bone because her bones had fully healed.

Eve was demonstrating her desire to live once again from the bottom of her heart, even if it required healing her own fractures.

This month’s first surgery is slated for Eve. Eve, who has already bonded strongly with her new sibling, will remain with her foster family while she fully recovers. She’s a doll, says Jason. She is a very loving dog.

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