Tiny Cat Has Been Best Friends With His Horse Since He Was A Kitten

Sappy the cat and Dakota, the chestnut horse, are adorable if not somewhat unlikely animal friends. 15-year-old Dakota could easily hurt the tiny cute kitten, but he prefers cuddling with him instead. These best friends are always together!

“I got the cat as a kitten last May,” Denice Kinney, their owner, told Bored Panda. “As the little fella started to grow I noticed he would be laying next to the horse as he grazed, if the horse laid down, he would lay on him, I even have seen him crawl up his tail to get on his back!

“That cat is in his stall every day during feeding time, and after feed time, I always set on that container, and here the cute couple comes. If I go riding, that cat goes along as a dog would!

“Anyone who knows horses realizes that horse…could kill that cat with one step or one bite, but he is gentle with that cat and always has been.”

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