Abandoned Puppy Celebrates 3 Years Of Friendship With His Tiny Human Friend

6-year-old Justin the dog started his life at the side of the road where he’d been abandoned along with 8 of his siblings. Though the start wasn’t promising for this collie/golden retriever/lab mix, he was given a chance at a happy life by Daniel Hill and his wife Callie from Louisiana, U.S, who decided to adopt him. 6 years later, he not only has a loving home but a best friend too, namely little Emmy Hill, Daniel’s daughter, who will turn 3 in August!

“At first our dogs (the other is an Australian Shepherd, Jasmine) were just curious, and obsessed with sniffing her,” Daniel told Bored Panda. “From then they just became best friends. Justin is the absolute best dog,” he added. “He’s 90lbs and loves to sit and lay with us. He’s very gentile with Emmy, allowing her to climb all over him. They do play all the time!” Best friends furrever!

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6-year-old Justin the dog was abandoned by the road along with 8 of his siblings when he was a tiny puppy

Though the start wasn’t promising for the pooch, Daniel Hill from Louisiana adopted him

3 years later, Justin got a best friend too – little Emmy was born

“She puts blankets on him to go ‘night night’”

They are the best friends furrever!