When A Man Wakes Up, He Discovers A Strange Dog In His Living Room

Jack Jokinen was jolted out of bed at 4 a.m. on Saturday by his wife. He was used to early morning wake-ups as the father of a one-month-old infant, but he immediately recognized this was different.

“I was asleep when my wife jolted me awake, saying, ‘The baby’s OK…’ ‘However, we have a puppy at our house,’” says the narrator. The Dodo quoted Jokinen. “I was obviously perplexed.”

“The first thing that comes to mind is, ‘There must be someone in our house,’” Jokinen explained. “So I perform a security check to make sure no one is lurking in closets or anything.” And after I’m done, I’m left wondering, ‘How did this happen?’ ‘Is this a magical puppy?’