Well-Meaning Mom Decides To Try Cutting Dog’s Hair Herself

How difficult could it possibly be? It should only take a few snips here and there.

That’s what one well-intentioned dog mom allegedly reasoned when she chose to clip her dog’s excessive hair herself at home.

And, well, you can see how it went.

Susana Soares was hanging out with her dog, Mano, the other week when she saw his hair had grown out. Mano hadn’t gone to the groomers in a long, and his shag was getting a little out of hand.

Soares told The Dodo, “Hair was getting in his eyes.”

It didn’t sit well with Mano.

Soares, who has worked as a human hairstylist, assumed that taming Mano’s untamed mane would be a breeze.

She explained, “I decided to cut his hair at home.”

So Soares grabbed some scissors and began to work — and here’s what he came up with:

Sure enough, Soares had resolved Mano’s hair-in-the-eyes problem.

She gave him bangs, which unintentionally gave Mano a shady new appearance.

It was almost as if the small dog had cut his own bangs. Without the use of a mirror.