Meet Herman, The Flightless Pigeon And His Best Friend Lundy, The Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk

Animals constantly surprise us with so many adorable things, among the whole spectrum of other surprises. But one thing that’s probably the most adorable is the unlikely bonds they are capable of forming, as we’ve already proved so many times here at Bored Panda. But this friendship forged by a pigeon and a chihuahua is a very special one since they both lack something fundamental in their lives – one is flightless and the other can’t really walk. Therefore, they seem to have found comfort in the company of each other and it’s just beyond adorable!

It seems that a dog and a bird should be a very unlikely combination for friendship but this story shows that there are no boundaries for it. Lundy, a two-month-old chihuahua was taken in by the Mia Foundation in New York after his breeder noticed he was struggling to walk. Sue Rogers, founder and owner of the foundation, says it’s not an unusual case for her. She takes in injured animals and animals with birth defects all the time. “Our main goal is to take in animals born with birth defects. But people also bring us injured birds and squirrels sometimes.” That explains how Herman came to the center.

Being the good long-standing resident of the foundation that he is, Herman made sure little Lundy would feel welcomed there as well. Sue Rogers said explained that they first met when she ” set Herman on a dog bed and started caring for Lundy, and I decided to carefully put Lundy in the same dog bed next to him. They started interacting immediately in a very cute way.” The two have been inseparable ever since and love to spend time snuggled up on their favorite fluffy blanket.

It seems that Lundy will have to skip all the usual puppy activities for a little while longer and stick to his favorite current hobby of hanging out with Herman for a while. “Lundy weighs only one pound now, so we will have to wait for the chair.” Thank god for Herman who keeps him company until he can get some of his mobility back! Furthermore, Sue started wondering if Herman could actually be a female pigeon since it seems to have a natural mother’s instinct. Despite what the truth actually is, this friendship really is goals!