Cow And Pit Bull Escape From Nightmare Houses And Become Best Friends

At the Ohio Sunrise Sanctuary, a cow and a pit bull get along like old friends. According to Janet Bland of Sunrise Sanctuary, Wesley is a huge cow that has a lot of love to give despite her great size. She enjoys being hugged and giving kisses. She really enjoys when Chance, her best buddy, kisses her.

A 9-year-old pit bull named Chance was saved in November 2009.

When the sanctuary’s founder, Mindy Mallett, went on a rescue mission to save two turkeys from a farm. According to Mindy, there were calves housed in hutches, and she went up to one of them.

Mindy felt the calf give her a small kiss by sucking on her fingers and knew she had to preserve it. Baby Wesley was there.

The rest of history began when Mindy persuaded the farmer to let her take Wesley to the refuge.

Chance’s first owner bought him at a flea market when he was just 6 weeks old. Because of Chance’s “antics,” the dad reportedly kept him imprisoned in a lavatory around-the-clock, according to Mindy.

She proposed to look after him in the refuge.