Saeed el Aer, often known as “The Palestinian Doctor Dolittle,” is a 45-year-old man who lives in the Gaza Strip and devotes his life to saving dogs. For the many abandoned pets who live on the streets, this man is an angel.

Saeed el Aer has dedicated his life to providing those dogs in need a chance despite the various issues affecting Gaza, including the fighting, homelessness, power shortages, and a lack of clean water.

He has been scouring the streets of Gaza for stray dogs for months. After gaining their confidence and feeding them, he returns them to them and looks for loving homes for them.

The Sulala Association For Animals Care was founded with cooperation from Saeed el Aer, who said:

“Until they become accustomed to us, we patrol the streets and feed them for days or weeks at a time. After that, we capture them and deliver them to the association.

More than €18,000 has reportedly been spent by Saeed el Aer on the upkeep of the 50 canines he has so far saved.

These costs include rent for a farm with a 0.2-hectare area where the dogs he has rescued dwell as well as vet expenditures.

Volunteers feed the dogs at the farm in southern Gaza’s Zahra neighborhood by cooking over wood.

When the animals are first brought to the farm, they are kept on a leash for a couple of days until they are calmer and may roam free around the property and greet guests.