Groomer Stages Perfect Nativity Scene With Dogs

While live nativity scenes are a Christmas tradition, they may easily deviate from the script, especially when children are involved.

This was not the case with these adorable puppies. They did a fantastic job.

In honor of Christmas, Wags To Riches, an English grooming firm, decided to join in the fun by placing their resident dog, as well as numerous of their clients’ dogs, in a canine-themed nativity scene.

And, as befitting saints, the dogs gladly embraced the accolade.

Toby and Jo, the proprietors of Wags To Riches, told The Dodo, “They were all delighted to sit for the shot.” “It’s incredible what dogs will do for a cookie.”

The dog in the manger, according to the groomer, is actually a porcelain figure. However, we can think of one real-life animal who would be ideal for the part…